Celoxica ESL + Catalytic = Agility

Agility Design Solutions - Algorithm to Implementation Fast

Agility’s mission is to shorten the time to develop, implement and verify signal processing algorithms.

Agility’s Approach

Agility speeds the development of signal processing algorithms offering complete solutions for algorithm acceleration, prototyping and implementation in both software and hardware.

The solutions include Agility’s unique software technologies for MATLAB® to C and C to FPGA synthesis and a rich portfolio of synthesizable algorithmic functions and FPGA hardware platforms. Agility completes the solutions with services delivered by a team of expert users to help customers meet deadlines and delivery requirements.

MATLAB to C Solutions

Agility’s MATLAB Solutions allow algorithm development teams to leverage their existing MATLAB and generate correct-by-construction C-code in minutes.

C to FPGA Solutions

Agility’s C Solutions deliver the fastest path to FPGA prototype or implementation. With over one hundred customers and thousands of FPGAs developed Agility offers the most mature and successful C to FPGA solution available.

Success Story

"When Catalytic released their MCS tool, its capabilities were exactly what we needed to handoff our algorithms to the product development groups in a form they could use."

Nickhil Jakatdar, Engineering Group Director, Cadence Design Systems


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April 15-17, 2008

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